Skin treatments

Customised care for your complexion.

Skin Fitness Clinics use the unique Wood’s lamp to assess the health of your skin and design the right treatment for you.

The Wood’s lamp allows us to see deeper than the naked eye. It reveals sun damage, pigmentation, oil production and deficiencies in essential fatty acids. This information helps us design a customised program to give maximum results for your skin.

Customised care facials

Our personalised skincare programs produce remarkable results because they are designed just for you.

Each customised care facial includes a skin analysis, active serums, advanced exfoliants, brow tidy and specialty masks to achieve the results you’ve been waiting for. Our experienced therapists use the best performance products for the most remarkable results.

Acne treatments

After your personalised consultation, your therapist will recommend the best treatments for acne, pimples, blackheads or acne scarring.

Pigmentation, texture & pore refining treatments

We use a series of treatments with alpha-hydroxy acids, serums and masks to improve texture and fade pigmentation.

Capillary treatments

Our therapists can treat you for telangiectasia or ‘spider’ veins on the face and neck with our high-frequency current treatment.