Body Rejuvenation

28th April 2021

Body Rejuvenation

Massage R

A deeply rejuvenating total body experience, combining the benefits of almond and pistachio to resurface and deeply nourish the skin. Removal with hot towels, nurtures and warms the body. Followed by the application of Hydra 24 Body Cream, will leave the skin protected with it's multi flower extract to complete this 45 minute total body exfoliation .     

$55.50 Save $20


Baume de Douche Reconfortant

Baume Douce Reconfort

This rich unctuous body cleansing balm with a pink shimmer will gently cleanse, nouish and soften the skin leaving it with a hydrolipicic film to prevent dryness. Micelles, multi flower honey extracts and cotton oil make this a must for skin rejuvenation in the shower.  Use about the size of a 10 cent piece on your buffing cloth daily.


Lait Hydratant 24 hour 

Hydra 24h

Ensure continuous hydration for 24 hours with the daily application of our most popular body moisturiser. It provides long lasting comfort and suppleness and gently perfumed, the multiflower honey extract and red baron extract ensure that 24 hour hydration!


Nourishing Foot or Hand Treatment



This 30 minute treatment is designed to treat and nourish the skin of the feet/hands. It includes a nail clip, file and buff, microdermabrasion exfoloiation to remove dead skin cells, moisturising foot/hand cream infusion and topped of with a foot/hand massage. 


$52.50 Save $20



Zen Revive


This exfoliation microdermabrasion treatment restores a healthy vibrant glow to the skins surface with finely ground volcanic pumice and fruit acid complex for smooth rejuvenated skin.     


Use weekly



Zen Intense


This Ultra-hydrating cream will rejuvenate dry cracked heels, enriched with Aloe Vera, Shea Butter and antioxidant Vitmain E the revitalising foot cream delivers long lasting hydration, whilst infusing a long lasting lemongrass fragrance.


$ 38

Use Daily