Frequently asked questions

Cosmetic and medical tattoos: Does it hurt?

Yes a little but the result far outweighs the pain. If you’re particularly sensitive, applying a topical local anaesthetic prior to your treatment can help keep the pain at bay. 

Cosmetic and medical tattoos: what will it look like?

The end result is just as if you applied a pencil—soft and subtle. The colour immediately after treatment is stronger and darker than the end colour; it will fade in the first two weeks after tattooing. Your qualified and accredited cosmetic tattooist will select a pigment as close to your colour request as possible, resulting in a natural, glamourous look.

Cosmetic and medical tattoos: how can I be sure it’s safe?

Skin Fitness Clinics follows very strict hygiene protocols. All treatments are performed in very clean conditions. We use the finest quality equipment and individual sterile disposable needles. The needles are disposed of after each treatment in a sharps container. Each client has a new needle and new product. The needles are specially wrapped, exposing only a tiny needle tip and the colour is gently pricked into the skin.

Our cosmetic tattoo artist, Elizabeth Legovich has completed professional training in cosmetic tattoo skills and techniques. She attends annual cosmetic tattoo seminars with international practitioners. Elizabeth renews her skills through advanced training with Val Glover Hovan from Cosmetic Tattoo Australia.

Cosmetic tattoos: I’m thinking about getting my eyebrows tattooed. Can you tell me more about the process?

Absolutely. Cosmetic tattooing is a great way of creating beautiful eyebrows with colour that lasts 3-5 years. We get amazing results with clients who have over-plucked their brows, clients who have gaps, scars, alopecia or simply lacking shape to their eyebrows.

The process is essentially the same as for all tattoos, with the difference being in the types of pigments and the depth of insertion of the needle into the skin.

If you think cosmetic tattooing is for you, we’ll send you our full Client Information Package with all the details you need to know from preparation through to post-procedure care. With this information in hand, you can schedule your 45 minute consultation to discuss and prepare for the procedure. You’ll be able to talk about the shape, colour and effect you wish to achieve and test sample colours as well as raise any concerns or questions you may have. Once you’re confident of your selection, you’re free to make a booking, pay your deposit and prepare for beautiful brows!

Skin treatments: Do you charge for skin analysis?

Yes – but the cost of your analysis is redeemable if you purchase Skin Fitness Clinic products on the same day. Our skin analysis takes a full 30 minutes and requires the specialist skills and knowledge of a trained therapist using the Wood’s lamp technique.

Hair removal: Do you do Brazilian waxing?

Yes, we do all types of waxing. We use top quality waxing products and adhere to the highest standards in hygiene practice, including one-off use of spatulas.

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