Beauty treatments

Hello, beautiful.

Eyelash Lift

Enhance your eyes with a lashlift to give definition and sparkle. Wake up with long luscious lashes every day!

Transform your own lashes by giving the illusion of long, luscious curles lashes without the use of lash extensions, lash curler or mascara.


Eyebrow and lush lashes tinting to emphasise your face’s natural beauty.

Hair removal


Electrolysis is a permanent and non-painful form of hair removal. Each hair is treated individually and a number of times for long-term results. With each treatment the hair becomes weaker, finer and softer. Unlike laser treatments, electrolysis is effective in removing white and pale hairs.


We use hot and strip wax for the best results. Hair retardant is available for in-clinic or take-home treatment.


From colour analysis and makeup lessons to makeup for special occasions and weddings, we’ll have you looking and feeling your very best using he fabulous Nee Makeup from Italy. Call to find out more.